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Executive Wash

Executive Wash
This is next better option if you want to take a better care for your car. We clean inside and outside of your car using professional tools and chemicals. If you got kids this is the wash you need. Executive wash includes Quick wash and following:

Exterior wash
We wash your cars body, tyres and wheels using different shampoo and chemicals with some paint protection.

Chamois Dry
Another step is to dry your vehicle with chamois. This is the clothe specially made to dry a car without damaging its paint. This includes drying body and door trims.

Tyre Shine 
We apply tyre shine to bring prevent your cars tyre from rust look. Please ask if you do not want to apply.

Clean Window
We use window cleaning chemical and micro fiber towel to clean window. We will give more attention to your rear view and mirror and your sunroof.

We vacuum your cars carpet, seats and remove any dirt and dust, pets fur and sand if you been to beach.

We will dust your dashboard, seats, cup holders and doors and make it clean using damp chamois. We use brush to dust vents and instruments.


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